Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus! A lot of things have been on my mind lately and the guilt of not finishing my post on Cancun has been eating away at me. I’ve finally decided to finish and upload this post after babysitting it for over a year. In the world of social media and blogging, I’m learning that quantity is more important than quality. I’ve promised myself to post once a week regardless of whether “I’m ready” to post or not. With that said, let’s reorient back to Mexico~

In my last post, I ended with our adventures exploring several cenotes scattered around the Yucatan. We spent that night sleeping at my favorite hostel, Mamas Home. Located in the heart of Tulum and just a short stroll from the ocean, Mamas Home is a small yet cozy hostel painted in bright colors and covered with verdant foliage. Unfortunately, our room had been double booked so we were given a room at the hotel across the street, Hotel Kin-Ha, but to be completely honest our room at Kin-Ha was a lot nicer. Additionally, we were still allowed to use all the amenities at the hostel.

Mamas Home
Posing in front of the verdant wall

That night, Mamas Home was offering a mojito making class presented by a fellow traveler staying at the hostel so Dan and I decided to sit in. It was fun learning how to make mojitos and it was also a great opportunity for us to meet everyone and make new friends. After class, we ended the night at Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar for some live music and drinks served with fresh cane sugar.

The teacher prepping for his class


Rum, soda, ice, mint, lime, and sugar
Taking turns proving our newfound skill
Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar
They cut of the cane sugar right in front of you

We stumbled back into our hotel room around 3 am after partying the night away with a brother and sister from Canada. That was probably my favorite evening from our entire trip and the bar proved to be a great place to meet other foreigners as well.

The next morning, we were pleasantly surprised with our continental breakfast. Mamas Home boasts of their unique breakfasts and we were not disappointed. A thick slice of toast was piled with mushrooms, greens, onions, and a fried egg served with tea.

Breakfast provided by the hostel

It was during breakfast that I got to enjoy extensive conversation with the other travelers. I met a lot of people from England and America, some just vacationing while others taking several months off to travel around the world! A few were actually permanent expats, hopping from hostel to hostel and picking up work when needed.

Tulum Ruins

After saying goodbye to all our new friends, we packed our bags and drove straight to Tulum Ruins and Beach. Personally, I found the ruins a bit boring… I’ve never really appreciated history (I know I’m terribly uncultured) and the extreme humidity made me exhausted. On the other hand, the beach was absolutely stunning and it provided us with the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge in the water.

Giant Iguanas found at the ruins
The clear blue water of Tulum Beach

Tulum literally means “wall” in Mayan and the ruins were constructed by the Mayans around 1200 CE. The location served as a major crossroads of trade from both land and sea, functioning as the Mayan trading port.


Dan peeking across the ruins


Of course, we took a dip in the ocean! The water was so clean and clear:



After the beach we decided to get a bite to eat and drove to the nearest resort. There are at least a hundred resorts around the beach, each with their own restaurant, so the options for dining are endless. Our restaurant offered us a more secluded view of the ocean.



I’d still recommend visiting the Tulum Ruins and Beach. It’s definitely worth hitting up once before exploring the less touristy parts of Tulum. Also, we opted out of paying for a tour guide but I think having one would have added more value and entertainment to our visit.

We wrapped up our day driving to Playa del Carmen to check into our hostel. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Kaxapa Factory which I highly recommend for an affordable and hearty meal.



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