A Year in Love

March 13th, 2017 officially marked my 1 year anniversary with Daniel. Exactly 1 year ago Dan and I met at Tsujita LA on Sawtelle Blvd for our first date. I know it’s cliche but it feels like just yesterday that I walked up to him. He was my third ever online date so I was extremely nervous. For one thing, he could have been a creep. Or a pedo (I like to joke that he is since he’s 7 years older). But I was also unsure of how to compose myself since we were meeting so unnaturally. From online to IRL, we were no longer two dating profiles but two human beings. I felt the adrenaline rush throughout my body as we introduced ourselves.

He looked so tall and handsome in his Hawaiian girls-and-ukuleles-t-shirt (lol). Since we were seated at the ramen bar, I remember it being hard to look at him directly but I knew from the minute we started talking that he was a very sweet, smart, and kind guy. After dinner he took me across the street to a karaoke bar and sang “My Sacrifice” by Creed. I Snap-chatted his entire performance to my friends thinking he was such a weirdo. But I secretly liked that he was weird and that he was OK with making a fool of himself.

365 days later, I’m here with Dan in his room thinking back to that first date. I wish I could travel back in time to experience it all over again because everything felt like a dream. Falling in love with someone is the most amazing feeling in the world and I wish I savored every moment of it.

To celebrate our year in love, Dan took me to a very special restaurant in Beverly Hills. We had dinner reservations at 6:15 PM to Il Cielo, or The Sky in Italian. Considered one of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles, Il Cielo was built out of a home by Pasquale and Pattie Vericella. The couple bought the house in 1986 off of a hairstylist, Marcel Machu. It was home to Marcel and his children for several years before Pasquale bought it to create his dream: a restaurant that was also a home.



Under the chandelier
The ceiling can open up to allow more air and light
What a cutie 😀


My little grape

We were actually lucky enough to meet Pasquale himself while wandering around the restaurant and he kindly offered to give us a quick tour. The restaurant is small but beautiful. There are two main outdoor seating areas covered by glass ceilings so that you can look up and see the sky. From these ceilings hung gorgeous chandeliers that added the perfect amount of romance. Inside the house was the kitchen, the bar, restrooms, and some additional seating. The living room was left mostly the same, with the fireplace and large front window intact. He also pointed to a palm tree growing out of his restaurant. “That is the tallest lit palm tree in California” he told us proudly.

View from our table, in the company of the tallest lit palm tree in California.

Overall, our experience at Il Cielo was almost perfect. Dan had purchased a special event package so our dinner came with a tall candle, rose petals sprinkled across our table, and a chocolate cake. In terms of the actual dinner, the food was just OK to me. Nothing ah-mazing but no problems either. For our appetizer, we ordered Il Polpo (char-broiled octopus) and La Toscana (a butter-letuce salad). The salad was probably my favorite dish. Then for our main, Dan ordered the Filetto di Manzo and I had the Pappardelle Sorrentine with a whole lobster. It was a solid dinner, I just wasn’t blown away by anything. In my opinion, you are paying more for the ambiance than the actual food.

Butter-lettuce salad with toasted almonds, fuji apple slices, and pecorino cheese.


Pasta with lobster
Filet Mignon



Dan surprised me with some absolutely gorgeous flowers and a pair of earrings from Tiffany. These are both too beautiful not to share 😀

Flowers from the Los Angeles Flower Market that Dan arranged himself!
Little Blue Box


And my gift to Dan was a John Elliott sweater. 😀


To end the evening, I was surprised with a flour-less chocolate cake that had our names and anniversary written across the plate. This was the perfect way to end the night before heading back home and exchanging gifts. I have to say, there really is no better feeling in life than love. I am so thankful for meeting Dan, for the love that we share for one another, and for everything he has done for me. I hope in the future I can shower him with even more love, kindness, compassion, and selflessness. I love you, Dan!

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