An Introduction



My name is Heejin Jeon:

24 years old, Korean-American, female.

A recent college grad living paycheck to paycheck….well, barely living… and I guess not so recent.

In 2014 I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Music and Music History.

In other words, I paid thousands of dollars to study something I could have easily taught myself  but decided to go to school anyway because that’s what kids my age did and that’s what society told me to do. So, obviously, I chose an extremely obscure and (in the grand scheme of things) useless degree that promised me and my future indefinite employment and the glamorous lifestyle of a “freelance artist”. But I did it for the sake of art. After all, art is the flower of civilization (I’m being sarcastic if you couldn’t tell).

On the brighter side, I loved every minute of my college career and can confidently say that I am a thousand times cooler (hopefully) because of my experiences as a musician and the people I met at the Herb Alpert School of Music.


Now that you’ve gotten to know me, I would like to officially say HI.

It’s so nice to meet you.

Very simply put, I want this blog to be about me (geez, that’s not narcissistic at all Heej). A documentation of all my post grad experiences in Los Angeles. My experiences of growing up and of adulting. Of trying my best not to move back home. Of trying to find success and purpose in life. I guess a not-so-glamorous-lifestyle-blog, if you will.

Excuse me for any spelling errors, grammatical errors, awkward sentences, and run-ons. I would like to keep this space very raw and transparent. A place where I can just word vomit and not edit and not filter and just post as is.


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